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Listen to Brian Ferlin (Jacksonville, FL)

Cornell Univ & Boston Bruins Draft Choice

“You cannot push greatness into a player; instead you must pull it out of them.” - Herb Brooks

Hockey International’s unique developmental, training and testing program is designed to start players on the right path, when it comes to training specifically for hockey, at a rate that is faster than your normal progression. Hockey International was developed with the realization that it takes years of training and development to become an elite athlete. An athlete can expect to endure  anywhere from 7-10 years of intense, specifically focused training, in order for all the skills and elite attributes to come together.


Athleticism, speed, strength, muscle endurance, skills, knowledge, mental preparation, senses development and the overall elite mindset are all components that need to be refined and developed in order for one to reach their potential. Hockey International is passionate in helping young players get started on the right path in becoming the best they can be in order to one day reach their potential, fulfill their dreams and goals as a hockey player and ultimately prepare them for life.

The focus of our program is to elevate the performance of each individual player’s capacity to play the game with speed. In order to play at elite levels of hockey, players must possess the ability to make quick decisions and skillfully execute plays at top speed. By educating players on the importance of speed and assessing each player individually through HI’s testing program, we begin to lay the building blocks from which the foundation of player development arises.

Development is a long-term process that starts with a passion to accomplish a goal, motivating yourself to improve.  By holding the athlete to a high level of accountability and sharing in this responsibility to get better, greatness is drawn from the athlete which translates into continual and unlimited improvement.

Although there is no exact formula when it comes to the overall development of an athlete, Hockey International constantly evaluates, assesses and searches for ways to become better. The following is a blueprint that has provided the environment for the success of the program and its players as they continue their journey to “Become a Player”.

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